About Us

We offer the highest quality care in a professional, values-based environment, using Acupuncture to the fullest potential to benefit our patients. We are known for our personal, individualized care, with every treatment being a positive and fulfilling experience for our patients. Our patients feel valued in this process, and benefit by feeling more energetic, balanced, and aging optimally with increased vitality.

We are instrumental in the integration of the benefits of Acupuncture in the community setting, and are known throughout the state for developing a model offering healthy alternative care to athletes, businesses and employees, and cancer patients. Our involvement in cancer research and studies contribute to evidence-based practices at the national level.

We personally maintain a healthy balance in our lives, and support one another in this process. We are models of self-care and health for our patients.

Meet Our Practitioners

Marjon Faivre

“Before I became an acupuncturist, I was a patient of acupuncture amazed with the results acupuncture brought me after years of the wear and tear on my body from competitive sports. With an orthopedic surgeon for a father and a nurse for a mother, I’d always had an interest in the healing arts. You could say I grew up in medicine, and when I began to think about a lifelong career, that background coupled with my own experience with acupuncture, drew me toward Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

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Janelle Bartow

“I used acupuncture as a teenager to help with my seasonal grass allergies. Like many of my patients, I tried acupuncture on a whim to see if it could help me. After my first session, not only could I breathe easily out of my nose, but I could feel energy moving in my body. At that age, I was drawn to wildcrafting herbal medicine and made my own tinctures. The idea of relying on natural methods of healing was very appealing to me.”

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Sarah Allen

“Deciding to end my 15-year teaching career and study Traditional Chinese Medicine was a long, interesting road. The idea first came to mind about 13 years ago, battling Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Upon diagnosis, I was told I would never run again and that the disease could potentially leave me permanently disabled. I was prescribed methotrexate, a chemotherapy medication, indefinitely. Rather than continuing down this toxic path, I found an alternative route.”

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Sarah Ogrizovich

“My first experience with acupuncture took place in 1993 when I injured my knee. I was in a great deal of pain and unable to put weight on my knee. The injury, however, was not severe enough for surgery. A friend suggested acupuncture and after several treatments, I completely recovered. The quick recovery left a lasting impression on me and I began turning to acupuncture for other ailments that arose in my life.”

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