Dr. Patrick Fitzsimons

DAc, LAc

“Dr. Patrick Fitzsimons has provided acupuncture in a variety of settings, including private practice, integrative clinics, and as a volunteer for veterans. In addition to providing patient care, he has taught and lectured extensively to acupuncture students, medical residents, and the public about Chinese Medicine, health, and wellness. Patrick also has a working manuscript on energetic physiology.

Drawn to study acupuncture over 20 years ago, Patrick remains fascinated by the modality itself, and its ability to tap into the body’s inherent healing mechanisms to reduce reliance on external medicinals. Patrick has experience treating a wide variety of ailments, chronic and acute. He practices from a perspective that considers the person, their constellation of symptoms and chief complaint. He then tailors an individualized treatment based on their needs and desired outcome.

Patrick completed his Masters of Acupuncture at Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in 2006. Before acupuncture school, Patrick spent three years studying Chinese language at the university level and made multiple trips to mainland China. Those experiences have aided his ability to assimilate the knowledge of the ancient Chinese into meaningful and effective clinical practice. In 2021, Patrick completed his doctoral studies at Pacific College of Health and Sciences with focuses in integrative medicine, and the treatment of pain and migraine with acupuncture.

When Patrick is not providing care for patients, he’s likely out exploring the beauty of Central Oregon, fishing, hiking, or nordic skiing. Additional skills and interests include music performance, languages, fermented foods, wild foraging, and photography.”