Fasting has been around for a long time, but is difficult for many people to commit to, as well as hard on the body.  As an alternative, Professor Valter Longo at the University of Southern California has designed a diet meant to mimic fasting, while actually allowing you to eat.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) called ProLon, achieves the benefits of fasting but does not deprive your body of important nutrients. Its main goal is to support rejuvenation and decrease factors that contribute to aging, to improve your “healthspan,” or the years of your life that are generally healthy. Hearing about all of these benefits, the team at Mountain View Acupuncture decided to give it a try. We ordered our boxes and eagerly awaited their arrival.

When they showed up, each box contained five smaller boxes with all of the food we would eat during the fast, as well as a water bottle and instructions. Our daily menus consisted of a breakfast bar, tea, several types of soup, kale crackers, olives, a drink mix and some supplements.  We were even given dessert on some days, in the form of a low-sugar chocolate crisp bar.

The first day of the fast has the most calories at about 1100, and slightly less on days two through five.  It is all plant-based and surprisingly tasty and hearty, as well as clinically-designed for nutrition. You are allowed as much herbal tea as you like, but only one cup of black coffee per day, which became a special treat at the office!

Day one started off strong, with our black coffee and decently-filling breakfast. We chuckled over the endless tea, and comforted one another at the end of the day, while dreaming of dinner. Day two began the true effects of the cleanse – we were hungry, but determined. Today also meant a few headaches around the office, though we’re not sure if it was caused by the fast or the decreased caffeine intake. However, the soups were pretty tasty and filling, and we relished the few snacks allowed. By day three, hunger was familiar, yet bearable, as we were halfway done and could see the light at the end. Day four was the hardest for some, yet yielded great results. We took some measurements and were pleased to see the weight and inches lost – almost done! Finally, we made it to day five. The hardest parts behind us, we calmly drank our L-drink and ate our soups and crackers.

Each of us had a slightly different experience, which should be expected. For some, day two was hardest, and others struggled more on day four, mostly just with being hungry! You’re also not supposed to exercise on the diet, which can be challenging for those with a routine. Though it definitely took some commitment, this experiment was well worth it. If you’re looking for a convenient diet with real results, the team here definitely recommends the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet. Some of us are planning on round two as we speak…

Below, a few team members share their results and tips.

Favorite Results

Marjon: I felt an increase in energy days in days 3-5, and a marked reduction in inflammation. I ended the fast with four pounds of weight lost from stubborn areas!

Jenessa: It decreased my appetite and made me rethink my regular diet. I felt like my stomach shrank and was inspired to continue eating healthy after.

Angela: This was great way to re-set my eating habits and motivate myself to be healthier! I also lost 1.5 inches off my waist.


Tips for Success

Marjon: Timing timing timing! Plan it for a time when you don’t have social obligations. Do it with a partner or team to stay accountable.

Jenessa: Don’t over-exert yourself, do something relaxing in the evenings and get enough rest. Eat slowly and enjoy the food.

Angela: Keep your mind busy, that way you won’t think about being hungry! Also, stay well-hydrated and try to avoid events involving food.